Downloading and Using the Hobonichi Globe App

Use your smartphone or tablet to play with the Hobonichi Globe.

Download the free dedicated app and the world will jump out on your screen in all sorts of ways!

Follow the steps below to download the app and get started with the Hobonichi Globe.


Download the app.

Download the app onto your device.

The app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or better and Android 6.0 or better.

*Check here for more information including hardware requirements and compatible devices.


View the Hobonichi Globe with your smartphone.

Select any of the content in the app.

When the app switches to AR mode, align the guide in the middle of the screen with the Hobonichi Globe.


Have fun as the world jumps out at you!

You can take a photo with the button on the upper right.

You can view the content list with the button on the upper left.

The Hobonichi Globe app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or better and Android 6.0 or better.

*Certain device models and OS versions may not run the app normally even if the above software requirements are met.

We appreciate your understanding.

*Not recommended for devices with less than 1 GB of RAM memory.

*Hardware requirements and compatible devices and operating systems are subject to change due to updates to the app, revisions to the Terms of Use, etc.

Failure to run the app normally due to insufficient memory has been confirmed for the following devices.

(Current as of November 2, 2020)

- Released before 2014: iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch

(Excludes verified compatible models listed below)

- Nexus 5X

- Incompatible with Fire OS (e.g. Kindle Fire)

- Incompatible with Windows OS (e.g. Surface)

Models verified as compatible with Hobonichi Globe app

The following models are verified as compatible.

(Current as of November 2, 2020)

*Compatibility is not guaranteed with all models, as individual devices may be used in different ways and settings.

*Certain OS versions may not run the app normally.


・iPhone 6s Plus

・iPhone 7

・iPhone 8

・iPhone SE

・iPhone SE 2nd

・iPhone X

・iPhone XR

・iPhone XS

・iPhone XS Max

・iPhone 11

・iPhone 11 Pro


・iPad 6

・iPad Air 2

・iPad Pro 3rd



・AQUOS sense

・AQUOS sense 2

・AQUOS sense 3

・arrows Be F-04K

・dtab Compact d-02K

・Galaxy A41

・Galaxy Feel

・Galaxy S7 edge

・Galaxy S9

・Galaxy S9+


・HUAWEI P20 Lite


・Pixel 3a

・Pixel 4a

・Xperia 1

・Xperia XZ Premium

・Xperia XZ1

・Xperia XZ2

・Xperia XZ3