The Hobonichi Globe has no borders or country names.
It's the Earth as seen from space.
When you view it with a smartphone or tablet,
you can see the Earth's current status.
All kinds of information about the world pops out at you!
This is the globe Hobonichi has made for you.

About Hobonichi globe


A pop-up globe to satisfy your curiosity

When you view it with a smartphone or tablet, all kinds of information jumps out from the Hobonichi Globe. There's a variety of content to stimulate your curiosity, including national flags, dinosaurs, and breakfasts from around the world.


See the Earth's current status

When you view the Hobonichi Globe through a smartphone, you can view real-time changes in the Earth's clouds, rain, and temperature. The data goes back to one week prior. You can move back and forth to any point within that timeframe.

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Loads of content

You can access all the exclusive Hobonichi Globe content free of charge. It is organized into 11 categories, from educational topics to fun features children can enjoy with their parents. You'll have a blast exploring all our planet has to offer!

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A borderless globe

The Hobonichi Globe has no borders or country names. So what difference does that make? We asked Shigesato Itoi, Representative Director of Hobonichi, the company that created the Hobonichi Globe.

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The creation of the Hobonichi Globe

The Hobonichi Globe is packed with a lot of new technology and ideas. Find out about the technology behind the Hobonichi Globe and how it was developed.

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Hobonichi Globe

Price 3,960 yen(tax included, shipping fees billed separately)

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  • Product size: diameter 15 cm / Weight: 145 g
  • Material: non-phthalate PVC, polystyrene
  • Comes with stand (polycarbonate)
  • Made in China / Ages 6+
  • Package size: W 180 mm x D 160 mm x H 160 mm
  • Image Data:NASA

Hobonichi Globe